Friday, January 15, 2010

Praying In Your Small Group

One of the things I love about visiting small groups is that everyone of them is different and has a life of its own! Prayer is no exception and can not be reduced to a formula.

Over the years I have seen many different types of prayer in groups. Some groups go deep; REALLY deep. Some groups use a snorkel and skim the surface. Recognizing that all of us are a different places spiritually and emotionally, the expectation that it should look the same in every group is a mistake. The idea is to help people connect with God as they talk to Him, out loud or not.

One of the most effective ways I have seen prayer handled is to pray in a circle, going from person to person, giving each person the opportunity to pray, out loud or quietly. This way God is able to meet with each person based on where they are spiritually and the value of connecting with God through prayer is upheld. The most important part of this method is to explain what you are doing and why, and to remind people that pray silently to say AMEN out loud when they are finished so the person next to them knows it is their turn!

Anyway, check out [this link] for various types of prayer you might find interesting, and take a moment to share any ideas you might have. God bless you today!

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Randy said...

Prayer is certainly foundational to our growth. I have seen so much good come from spending time in prayer with others. People pull together quicker and get deeper sooner when prayer is the center.