Thursday, October 16, 2014


     One of the cool things about small groups is that everyone of them is unique! I've been working with small groups for many years, and I have never seen any two groups that are the same.
    A major difference you'll find between groups is how they pray together; they are all different. In some groups, everyone prays, or maybe just the leader prays, or there might be "popcorn" prayer.
     One of my favorite methods is to have everyone pray, going around the circle. If you are comfortable praying out loud, do it, otherwise pray silently and say amen out loud so the person next to you knows it's their turn. This overcomes the praying out loud barrier, but stimulates a prayer connection with our heavenly Father for each person in the group.
     One of our groups (thanks for the pic Jerry!) puts out a prayer journal, and everyone takes turns writing in it. This is a great way to keep up with prayer requests and track answers to prayer!
     There is no right a wrong way, but prayer is an important discipline. Take a moment to share some ideas that have worked for you.
     I trust you are having a great study time together this fall. Please contact your coach if you have any questions, and count on my prayers for you and your small group!

Pastor Rich

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