Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Adding someone to your group in ChurchTeams

I received a question from one of our small group host leaders this week. Here is the question and the answer:

I have someone that wants to join our small group for the 6 weeks! I tried to go to the site this morning to add them to the group, but the link for "JOIN THIS GROUP" is gone. Is there another way for me to add them to our roster?

Because people’s names appear in a public website environment with the “Join this Group” option, it will only be active on the weekends during a small group sign-up period for security purposes.

To add someone to, or remove them from your small group at any time, go to our website, go to the small group page, and log into ChurchTeams as a small group leader with the password you were given, using all lower case letters.

After you log in, there are several things you can do as a leader, but click on the Springbrook Small Groups link and page down to your group. When you click on your group, as the leader, you have the ability to maintain all the information pertaining to your group.

At the bottom of the list of people in your group, you will find a link that says, Add New Members; click the link, and select their names from the list that pops up. If they are new to Springbrook, you might have to add their information. The whole process is pretty easy, and should be able to be done within a minute (probably less time that it took to read this email !)

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