Friday, November 21, 2008

Coaching questions for group leaders

A. Early in the game (when they’re first assigned to you)

1. Spend 70% of your time with them coaching them to do what they need to do (lead the prayer time in their group, keep the discussion on track, manage conflict, shepherd goats, etc.).

2. Spend 30% of your time caring for them: getting to know them, finding out about their lives, their struggles, their families, etc.

3. Over time these percentages will shift as your hosts become more competent and confident.

4. Your initial conversations with each host should focus on finding out what their needs are. You may discover that they’ve been leading groups for years. You may discover that they’re terrified and eager for your help.

B. A little bit later in the game, focus your attention on being primarily a shepherd to them. Begin to identify which of your hosts would be able to coach a few new hosts themselves.

C. When you make your calls and contacts, focus on the following questions using the weekly group meeting report:

1. How did things go for you this week?
2. What are you celebrating?
3. What challenges did you encounter? How did you address this challenge?
4. Are there any pastoral concerns that need to be passed on to staff?
5. What specifically can I pray for you this week?
6. Have you invited anyone new to your group?
7. Is ChurchTeams up to date, is everyone’s information correct?
8. Where you prepared/are you prepared for the next meeting?
- Review DVD before meeting
- Arrange for food – if necessary
- Called any new people
- Prayed

9. How are you doing with watching the DVD
- Any questions about the material?
- Did you get through in time or skip anything?

10. What is next for you group?

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