Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Group Type = Group Focus

Groups are often defined by their main focus and activity. Before deciding on studies or activities for your group, think through the central reason for why your group exists.

Process-oriented groups, or what we call Small Groups at Springbrook, focus on spiritual growth and/or social relationships and friendships among the members.

Content-oriented groups, or classes, meet for a specific period to study or discuss a biblical topic or passages. There is little or no time spent dealing with people or group dynamics.

Task-oriented groups meet to accomplish a purpose. The reason for gathering is why the group exists. There is an opportunity for spiritual or relational dynamics, but the group exists primarily to accomplish a task.

Need-oriented groups, sometimes called support groups, offer common understanding and encouragement. These groups are typically closed groups having a high degree of intimacy.

Determining the primary focus of your group will help you decide on studies or the specific activities your group should undertake. If you are looking for a way to take your group to the next level, download the LifeTogether Health Survey and have them complete the survey, or talk with your coach or Pastor Richard about having them take the survey on-line for you to review.

Adapted from The NavPress Bible Study Zone and How to Lead Small Groups by Neal F. McBride. © 1990 by Neal F. McBride. All Rights Reserved.
Survey from LifeTogeter and Purpose Driven Ministries.

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