Friday, November 22, 2013

Are You Pregnant?

It's time to birth a group!
Let's give birth to some new small groups!

Seriously. I want to invite all of our small group hosts/leaders to begin praying now about 1) stepping out of their existing group to start a new group, or 2) sending someone from their group to start a new group, within the next 9 months.

You can start a new group like the one you are currently in, or try something completely different. The possibilities are endless!

Small group strategy expert Mark Howell wrote a great article on five myths that keep churches from starting new groups. I've heard all five of these at one point or another at Springbrook, so I want to invite you to take a few minutes to read the article and share your thoughts.

Talk with your coach, invite them to be praying with you, and let's seek God and step out in faith together!

                  We just finished our January new host class.
                  We'll schedule the next class when someone signs up!
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1 comment:

Pastor Richard said...

We have 4 new groups this winter - YEA GOD!!!