Friday, January 24, 2014

The Three Pleases

     Our winter 2014 small group trimester open enrollment starts this weekend and will run through February 9th.  PLEASE make sure your group information is accurate and up-to-date.
     As of this post, there are 10 families currently trying to find a small group, and there will be another 20 that I am expecting to sign-up over the next few weeks. PLEASE pray with me, that we can get these new families connected to our Springbrook family small group network.
     If you group is fuller and you are feeling the pressure to welcome new people, PLEASE lean diligently into this as an opportunity to for God to do something great in and through you. You can step out and let someone take over your group or someone else can step out to host their own group.
     Thank you for leadership, and your willingness to allow God to work in and through you as He leads us together in this mission to reach and build lasting relationship is Christ Jesus! Be sure to talk with your coach or me if you have any questions, and count on our continued prayers for you and your group
Pastor Rich

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