Sunday, August 30, 2015

Soul Detox Series - Starting September 20th!

     On Sunday, September 20th, Springbrook is celebrating 18 years with our annual family picnic, baptism service and introducing our new Soul Detox series! That following week, all of our small groups should be meeting to 1) introduce new people, review the series schedule and review materials. The week of the 21st is an introduction week.

     On Sunday, September 27th, Pastor Dan will begin teaching through the series, with each group kicking off with week 1 of the study. This series will last 5 weeks, and then conclude with a celebration service. That following week, I would encourage you to meet with your group for a potluck and discussion about next steps.

     You can click this link to download a calendar handout and share with you group. If you have any questions, please contact your coach as quickly as possible, or feel free to drop me a note as well.

     Also, please update your group information immediately. People are already starting to look at our groups, and we have a lot of bad information out there.

     Thank you so much for opening your home and welcoming the Spirit of God there!  I'm praying for you and your group, and look forward to hearing about how God is at work!

Pastor Rich

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