Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Are You Making Wise Investments?

Blank stares greeted Lindsey’s prayer request. She had just shared with her small group how thrilled she was about the women she was discipling. “Each of them is now memorizing scripture and its changing their lives,” she said. The women gazed at her with a deer-in-the-headlights look and returned to their conversation about their children, marriages, and the latest church event.

It’s not that these friends didn’t care. They just didn’t share Lindsey’s vision. Sure, they were growing, they were godly, and they were serving but they weren’t investing in discipling others. Investing in people marks an alongsider leader... read more

Our small group and ministry team leaders are the backbone of our disciple-making ministry at Springbrook, and each of you is a gift, and I am so grateful to serve alongside you.   Our next leadership gathering is coming up on April 3rd; click here to register now!  We will be celebrating some exciting milestones, and continue our leadership development and alongsider journey. Look forward to being with you!

Pastor Rich

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